Bask in the Colorful Landscape and Solitude of Tahiti to Rediscover Yourself

If you are looking forward to visiting the unique and ubiquitous island of Tahiti to rediscover yourself by basking in its colorful landscape and solitude, then you have made a perfect choice. It is the largest island in French Polynesia and is world-renowned for its Polynesian charm. It is in the shape of number 8 and is divided into two parts the western section, which is larger of the two and named Tahiti Nui and eastern section known as Tahiti Iti.

Once you land at Tahiti airport, you will realize that there’s a lot to explore in this beautiful island. You will fall in love with its romantic ambience. It was explored in the 18th century by Captain James Cook and is a popular vacation destination. The Tahitian dance is very engrossing and one gets to tap along with the beats automatically.

Spectacular Lagoons

The beaches here are mostly of black sand. The real hit is, however, lagoons as the high islands are bounded by fringing reef. This forms a safe swimming pool that tourists love with the most intense aqua that you can hardly imagine. There are coral gardens with clear water that are inhabited by dolphins, rays, turtles etc. and provide perfect spots for snorkeling, swimming, and diving. The surfers also love these spots.

Other Things to Do Here

Besides enjoying its crystalline ocean tides, lagoons, and turquoise beaches, you can enjoy the hibiscus flowers and its bronzed dancers in grass skirts, which will make you move your feet too to their beats. The capital city Papeete is quite busy with a number of bars, hotels, and restaurants. You can visit Robert Wan Pearl Museum, which will give you an insight into the region’s gems. There are various driving tours available that cover varied places like the coast, beaches, and museum. You can take the tour as per your interest and preference. You can avail the guided 4-wheel-drives to explore the island fully.

Even your stay in the vacation rentals in Tahiti can make your holiday even more memorable. Do your research and find the best vacation rental based on your needs.

Tahiti is basically heaven on earth, which is as dreamy as the reality can get. Just lose yourself in its colorful landscape, warm-water lagoons, rich marine life, dramatic nightlife, and then see all your senses stimulating to the maximum. You can make Papeete as your base for discovering the lagoons, beaches, and volcanoes of Tahiti. There exist two extinct volcanoes here. To have a really realistic island experience, make sure that you visit Musee de la Perle or Mapuru, a Paraita market. Here you will find local pearls.

The sultry Tahiti in French Polynesia is a place to take life slow and experience it fully. Let the celebratory vibe of this warm and laid-back island culture excite and rejuvenate you to the core.

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