5 Snow-Covered Attractions in France

  • Place de la Concorde
    Place de la Concorde is one of the biggest public squares in Paris. The place is famous for its snow-covered fountain and ample snow for fun and entertainment.

  • Tuileries Gardens
    Tuileries garden is a public garden in France. The snow cover and snow fall makes it more beautiful in the winters.

  • Gardens at Versailles
    Versailles Garden is situated outside Paris. The garden is made of a snow path overflowing with peace and silence.

  • French Alps
    French Alps forms the highest peak of the country. Tourists love to hike, trek, skate and ski over the white snow-covered mountains

  • Pont Alexandre III Bridge
    The entire place has a snow dressing. It is the perfect place for a white picture or a snow selfie.

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